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Hello, I'm Paige. Co-founder of Pebbl, confirmed genxer, and curious soul explorer. Genxers (and a few millennials) are hitting midlife and as a result navigating a flurry of transitions - career shifts, empty nest, relationship changes, taking care of teenagers and/or aging parents, prioritizing our health, and the list goes on.  Our nervous systems are in overdrive fueling anxiety, fear, and overwhelm. We are freakin' exhausted. But what if there was another way?

Think of me kind of like a (mid)life doula providing guidance and structure to slow down and recalibrate without abandoning our lives and responsibilities. Where we reconnect with who we are and what feels meaningful and fulfilling. Where taking pause becomes a welcome pit stop vs. panicked response.  

Image by Quino Al


Through this 1:1 program, I combine my background as an entrepreneur, workplace mindfulness trainer, and decades of spiritual curiosity into an accessible framework.  Together we will cultivate a toolkit of practices and resources to navigate any transition with more ease, connection, and confidence. The P.A.U.S.E. modules will serve as the foundation, including: 


  • Presence as a portal to soothe your nervous system

  • Align with your inner guidance 

  • Unload physical and emotional baggage

  • Sleep (enough said) + literally tap into your dreams

  • Embody your newfound wisdom


By the end of our six sessions together, you'll have a blueprint action plan for your life as you rediscover a sense of connection to your intuition and wisdom as the ultimate guidance vs. seeking outside for purpose and meaning. Transformation becomes an empowered action that starts from the inside out, always reminding you of your true essence, including:


  • Newly restored confidence and flow in pursuing what lights you up

  • Opportunity for meaningful reconnection in shifting relationships

  • Renewed vitality and vibrancy with health and wellbeing

  • Accessible ease (and perhaps even a little joy) in the midst of any challenge or uncertainty


Introductory pricing starts at $2200 and includes:

  • Six 1:1 sessions (1-1.5 hour each) - scheduled weekly or twice a week 

  • 1-2 text weekly check-ins

  • Grounding practices to connect mind + body

  • Guided meditations to soothe nervous system (and access to library)

  • Journal prompts to explore connection and personal awareness

  • Strategic planning worksheets to gain clarity and direction

  • Workbook inclusive of all grounding, meditations, worksheets, and journal prompts

  • Welcome + Integration playlist

  • Welcome gift with P.A.U.S.E. goodies

  • Blueprint action plan

Program note: For those experiencing the wisdom of peri/menopause (which literally has the word PAUSE in it, begging us to slow down), P.A.U.S.E. is more of a lifestyle offering, but recommend Midi and Evernow as good starting points to address the physical and emotional aspects.  

I know this program, because I’ve been living it, especially the last few years. I was an 80s kid and for years I was seeking something to make sense of my spiritual curiosity and existential angst. Without language or tools around mental health (and likely undiagnosed ADD), my friends and I coped in the best way we watching Oprah religiously and making mix tapes. 


My quest for meaning continued into adulthood as I explored several practices, therapies and modalities while building businesses (check out my bio here). I was desperate for some peace and ease, convinced it was outside of me. It was only through various life circumstances that forced me to PAUSE that I realized  something bigger was always at play and were catalysts to tapping into my intuition and innate wisdom. Well that AND an excellent therapist. 


Everything ranging from the need to constantly pivot and reinvent as a serial entrepreneur, to my own mortality facing moments of a cancer diagnosis, to the recent loss of my both parents - 10 days apart from one another. 


In each of these experiences, some more acute than others, I felt embodied by a profound knowingness, peace and love to help me navigate the unimaginable. As a result, instead of denying or suppressing any challenge (which is how I used to roll), I’ve learned to PAUSE even when powering through would be a more logical response. Without fail, the space within the pause always provides a portal to grace and transformation that informs my life a more meaningful way. 


Over the past decade I've tailored these tools with workplace audiences empowering the participants to manage high demand situations with more ease, clarity and connection. And now, I'm excited to bring it to you in a more intimate offering. I created this program as a highly curated 1:1 experience where we can work within the realities of your lifestyle. I'd love the opportunity to work with you. And spoiler alert, there may be some mix tapes involved. Ok fine, playlists:-). 


As the anchor parent to my three kids, with some rewarding side gigs along the way, I was feeling unclear on what my "Part Two" looked like once my third child leaves in a few years. I was feeling simultaneously overwhelmed, riddled with lots of “shoulds” and stuck with a lack of direction and indecision. 

From my first session with Paige, I began to feel some spaciousness and ease. As we dug into the other modules, I realized that I needed to honor the grief that can accompany the ever-evolving roles of spouse and mother. From there, I was able to shift from the idea of no one needing me anymore to making space and remembering what I wanted to feel more meaning and fulfillment in my life outside of the roles that I let myself believe defined me after so many years. With Paige’s guidance, encouragement and the P.A.U.S.E. framework, I was able to acknowledge and honor the sadness that comes from an empty nest. As a result, that created the space to transition to freedom and ultimately celebration that this phase of life offers as an exciting launch pad to the "Part Two" I’d been so nervous about.


I now have a morning routine that feels nourishing to my soul and nervous system. I feel productive and more organized with my ongoing projects and commitments, and most importantly, I have tapped back into my creative spark once again, happily making it a priority instead of an afterthought. Working with Paige is less about things to do, and more like sitting with a best friend who is listening intently, sees you fully, and reflecting back exactly what I've always known but am now able to articulate for myself. Her facilitation, professionalism and recap of our time together is providing direction, inspiration, and creative expression. This next chapter no longer feels daunting, but free, exciting and fun!

- Jamie W, 49, Houston 



Before working with Paige, I felt like a boat adrift in an emotional sea. I was increasingly emotionally drained, a bit unbalanced, and intensely yearning to connect with my inner self. Despite this longing, the path to self-discovery seemed clouded and elusive. Paige’s approach, however, was a welcoming light in this fog. She didn't just introduce me to meditation and breathwork; she opened the door to a world I was unfamiliar with. Her patience and kindness shone through as she listened to my apprehensions and desires for mindfulness. This understanding and empathy were the foundation of our journey together.


The real breakthrough came when Paige taught me how to meditate. This wasn't just a practice; it was a transformative experience. She dedicated countless hours to helping me fine-tune my approach to fit my unique needs and aspirations. Her methods weren't just practical; they resonated deeply with who I am. As I progressed, I realized that this was more than just learning techniques; it was about understanding and embracing my true self. Paige's guidance was instrumental in introducing new, healthy routines into my daily life. Meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness became not just practices but integral parts of my existence.



Thanks to Paige, I have undergone a profound transformation. From a state of emotional exhaustion and imbalance, I have emerged as a confident yoga and breathwork teacher, embracing entrepreneurship, something I had always dreamed of but never thought possible. Paige helped me realize that my aspirations weren't just fantasies; they were achievable realities. A journey of self-discovery and fulfillment has replaced my traditional 9 to 5 life. The tools and understanding Paige provided have been invaluable in this transition. Now, I am not only starting to live more fully but also helping others find their path, just as Paige helped me find mine.

- Celina H, 46, Houston 

More case studies coming soon...

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